To be a Successful Lifestyle Designer!

November 25, 2009

A Successful Lifestyle Designer will do what they may not feel like doing because they know it will move their life and business in a forward direction.

A Successful Lifestyle Designer will often ask themselves,  what is the 1 thing that I can do RIGHT NOW to move my business in a forward direction!

Successful Lifestyle Designers focus on the reward and not the process and ask themselves this often, “By completing this task how will this ultimately benefit me and the people around me?”

WhatKindofLife is taking off in a BIG way!

November 23, 2009

It has become very apparent that there are many people that resonate with the Lifestlye Designers concept!  I have been talking with many friends and business associates out there who are completly devoted to WhatKindofLife. We are still in the early stages of what is going to be created and remember you will be one of the first Lifestyle Designers.  As we begin this journey together remember it is about all of us working hard together to play hard together.  We have created multiple streams of income working from wherever we desire and now as a group we will have the power to contribute a portion of our earnings to any charitable organization that we want to help.

Lifestyle Designers

November 12, 2009

This concept of Lifestyle Designers is something that I came up with after meditating and having a vision of what I strongly desired.  There is going to be a large group of entrepreneurs and sales people that come together and work with a common intention of creating multiple streams of income while working from different destinations all accross the world.